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Soloads The Easiest Way To Start In Online Marketing

Soloads The Easiest Way To Start In Online Marketing

Soloads The Introduction

A soload is a type of paid ad that is utilized to drive targeted traffic to a product
or service utilizing e-mail traffic. Soloads are a type of Pay Per Click (pay per click) advertising. The solo seller is paid per click to send an e-mail to their list of customers.

Soloads can range in cost from.35 to.75 cents per click.

SoloAds “Brokering”, SoloAds “Arbitrage”, SoloAds “Reselling” or SoloAds “Outsourcing are all terms that
mean the exact same thing.

Generally what you are going to be doing is OFFER TRAFFIC to INTERESTED TRAFFIC PURCHASERS …
You will PURCHASE your traffic at a LOWER COST and SELL IT for a A HIGHER COST.

This means, for once in your life, you will be making INSTANTANEOUS MAKE MONEY FROM EVERY SALE

Your normal transaction may look something like:

Kelly pays David to run a soload for her. She purchases 100 clicks at.45 per click. They schedule
a time and day for the email to be sent out. Kelly sends out David a tracking link and perhaps ad copy
that he can use to mail to his subscribers. David buy 100 clicks from trusted traffic company for
.30 per click. When the solo ad is total he will send Kelly a public statistics link from ClickMagick
that shows the traffic has actually been provided. David just made $10 profit for reselling 100 clicks.

You can see how this would be something that is very lucrative, and how quick the word
would spread out if you are selling 500 to 1,000 clicks a day.

Soloads have ended up being a progressively popular method to drive targeted traffic to an offer.
People are constantly in requirement of excellent traffic that transforms so they can develop lists and sell
items. Solo advertisements are relatively low-cost and extremely targeted, making them one
of the finest sources of PPC traffic out there.

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