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Where Super Solo Ads and eMail Marketing combine to Explode your Internet Marketing and List Building results...

Two Well Known Marketers Gina Sprenkle Gunning and Kenneth Kraakstad have Joined Forces to bring you Soloads2Go! We hope that you find this Powerhouse Super Solo Advertising site useful in your every day marketing needs.

We also have available Set-N-Forget Soloads2Go! That's right, you saw it here first, set-n-forget solo ads to 60+ sites!! Imagine the free time you will have, now worrying about whether your ads are being sent, it's all automatically done for you, if you opt in for the set-n-forget solos.

You can earn up to 50% in commissions at SA2G! Plus, as a member, you can also get SoloAds2Go placed into your account every month, depending upon which membership level you choose!

And to Top That....You are entered into a random drawing for a top prize of $50 just for viewing a SoloAds2Go Solo! These prizes will be drawn every week, so make sure that you read your solos!

And to make your SoloAds2Go Solos more Effective, we are limiting the sending of SA2G Solos to 10 sends per day! Then remaining SA2G Ads are Sent out by date added.

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Your solo ad will go out to all members of the 70 websites below:

High Traffic Mart
(4821 Members)
Marketers Traffic Vault
(4410 Members)
(9122 Members)
Advertising Freeway
(5318 Members)
My Traffic Magnet
(3668 Members)
Eruption Ads
(2018 Members)
Generalen Traffic Empire
(5998 Members)
Traffic Muscles
(9201 Members)
Traffic Giantic
(6558 Members)
List and Chat
(2921 Members)
List Insomnia
(4792 Members)
Marketing Biz List
(1578 Members)
(2400 Members)
List-Ad Exchange
(1258 Members)
List Recruiter
(1299 Members)
(2740 Members)
(1141 Members)
(1976 Members)
SuperSolos Monthly
(587 Members)
Marketers Know How
(1066 Members)
(1890 Members)
(1105 Members)
Old School Adz
(855 Members)
TextAd Matrix
(740 Members)
Residual Earners Club
(584 Members)
Free Traffic Max
(604 Members)
Pronto Adz
(1545 Members)
Pony Xpress Ads
(1257 Members)
Traffic Whiplash
(824 Members)
Earners 4 Ever
(1521 Members)
Intelligent-Text Ads
(328 Members)
Hover Traffic
(8180 Members)
Micro Power List
(5568 Members)
(2194 Members)
(6768 Members)
The Instant Cash List
(2915 Members)
Traffic Supreme
(1173 Members)
Viral Traffic Master
(2899 Members)
Xtreme List Building
(1239 Members)
(6241 Members)
Fast Track Traffic
(6351 Members)
Traffic Explosion
(8982 Members)
Traffic Bailout
(7637 Members)
Twisted Viral Traffic
(5910 Members)
Mega Profit List
(3478 Members)
10 Minute Ads
(1834 Members)
Marketing Extreme
(2672 Members)
My PushButton Traffic
(1062 Members)
TexMex Text Ads
(1254 Members)
(2334 Members)
(3508 Members)
(5638 Members)
Free Traffic Hotline
(4605 Members)
Hidden Treasure List
(2025 Members)
My Residual Team
(2037 Members)
Mega Money Mailz
(100 Members)
Solo Ads Only
(3388 Members)
Joint Venture Ads
(1320 Members)
Shotgun Traffic
(912 Members)
Monthly Dollars
(697 Members)
All American Ads
(1735 Members)
Royal Ads and Cash
(778 Members)
Royal Text Ads
(1970 Members)
EZ Traffic
(1472 Members)
Royal Profit Ads
(339 Members)


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